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Hi Heidi, i was at your talk at Opus this morning. You said if we go home with One thing, it was worth it. Well you said a lot of things that resonated with me. I was that kid in school who did the posters for years, unfortunately because of going to college, I went Camosun college as well. Visual arts program around 1984/85? I got brainwashed into beleiving that it had all been done, nothing was original anymore, creating art was pointless. Maybe I was just too ypung and far too impressionable. None the less, I have rediscovered it again, I have to say its a passion now. Yes I forget to eat, and paint till way padt my bedtime, but listening to you talk this morning made me realize a) I dont have to be good at everything, b) find your groove : ) and go with the flow, of paint that is. Thank you ! Your paintings are breath taking, inspirational and absolutely gorgeous. Dont worry people will come around, when this current " trend " is over
Nancy Wright - 18 Oct 2015
You do AMAZING work!!!!!!!
Emily D - 5 Feb 2015
Hi, wow, some day I will be an artist like you. I am specially loving the boat and landscape paintings. What an inspiration. Hope to see you both in Merritt soon.
Gale Simpson - 23 Nov 2013
I met you today at our Backstreet Gallery and local artist co-op in Florence Oregon and what a lovely & gentle spirit you are. Enjoyed our chat; hope you have (had) a safe trip back home Love your artwork - truly special!! Come visit again when you can (and your husband with the gentle smile)! Cheers to you!
Jennifer French - 14 Sep 2011
Your site is great~~ love all your paintings. Your an inspiration indeed. Yvonne Morrish
Yvonne Morrish - 17 Mar 2011
Really enjoyed veiwing your work on this new site. Beautiful!
Anissa - 23 Jun 2010
nice work!
mike murphy - 7 Jan 2010
Your work is beautiful! I love the hydrangeas! It reminds me of Oma's garden in Gibson's. Because I am your favorite neice I am sure it would look great on one of my walls!;)
Tracy Williams - 14 Dec 2009
Thank you for sharing your beautiful paintings. The purple hydrangea could not be more perfect! They are all truly exquisite.
Sandy and Katie Bayliss - 12 Oct 2009
I love your new Site. It shows off your work in a much better manner. i.e: Seascapes, landscapes, etc.. With this Site one can choose to look at the art they are interested in, rather than having to tour the entire layout. Well done.
Jonathon Winston - 27 Sep 2009
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