Artists Statement

Heidi & Jasper

I have had an affinity with nature all my life, and as far back as I remember I have sketched the things that I see and am attracted to. Hence I have developed some good drawing skills and a keen eye.

My Paintings are realistic and representational, enhanced with deep values and rich in color. I choose subject matter where the drama of light and shadow are a strong factor.

My landscapes and seascapes are all of areas that I have gotten to know intimately over a long period of time. My favorite subjects are west coast scenes, the ocean and the rhythm of the tides, the ebb and flow of the water. This creates many opportunities for photo ops, or just sitting and sketching. Having a close proximity to water is as important to me as painting, it is what keeps me centered.

While I work in other mediums, watercolor is the medium of choice, it is where I feel most comfortable taking advantage of the fluidity of the medium, injecting my paintings with rich colors and light. I also allow the subject matter to dictate the weight of water color paper I use.

I am an artist not just because I love to do what I do, but because I want to share all I see with the viewer.